Font Scaling

By default, Chapbook scales the font size of text based on the width of the viewport: the container in which the page is viewed. On a desktop computer, the viewport is a browser window, which can be resized by the player as much as they like. On a tablet or mobile device, the viewport is typically the entire screen.

Chapbook will only ever increase the font size you set on text. It will never make it smaller. The intention is to keep text at a comfortable size regardless of the size of the viewport, and to prevent it from appearing in an unnaturally narrow column in larger viewports.

You can customize Chapbook's font scaling or disable it entirely, so that text is always exactly at the size you specify.

Enabling or Disabling Scaling

To disable font scaling, set to false. This takes effect immediately. To re-enable font scaling, set this variable to true.

Remember that players also have the ability to scale font sizes by changing browser settings. You can't prevent this from occurring--nor should you want to, since often players do this to make text easier to read.

Controlling Scaling

Apart from, there are two variables that must be set for Chapbook to scale font sizes that control exactly how scaling occurs: is the width, in pixels, of the viewport when the font size as set in config variables is used exactly. In other words, at any width wider than this, font sizes begin to increase. This must be a number like 1280, not '1280px'. By default, this is 1000. is the amount of pixels that is added to font sizes when the viewport is exactly twice as wide as what is in Like baseViewportWidth, this must be a number like 10, not '10px'. You can't increase the font size by any other unit but pixels. addAtDoubleWidth defines the ratio by which font sizes increase. By default, this is set to 6.

There's a third, optional variable: This is the maximum size a font will be regardless of how wide the viewport becomes. Unlike the other variables, this is a string. It should be a CSS length measurement, including the unit, like '36px' or '2rem'. by default, this is unset.

If you don't set a maximumSize, then fonts will be scaled at all viewport widths.

If any of these variables are set to incorrect types, like being set to 'blue', then Chapbook will not perform any font scaling.

An Example

These variables can be a little abstract. Let's work through an example. We'll assume that the player's browser settings don't increase or decrease font sizes. 'Helvetica 20' 1000 5 '30px'
When the viewport width is...The font size is...
1000 pixels and narrower20 pixels. The original size is used.
1000-2000 pixelsScaled linearly from 20 pixels to 25 pixels.
2000 pixels exactly25 pixels: the original size plus the amount of pixels set in addAtDoubleWidth.
2000-3000 pixelsScaled linearly from 25 pixels to 30 pixels.
3000 pixels and wider30 pixels. It's clamped by maximumSize.

Below is a visual representation of this.