Using JavaScript in Passages

As a last resort, Chapbook allows you to mix JavaScript into the text of your passage. To do this, use a code fence (three backticks on a single line, then your code, then another three backticks on a separate line):

document.title = 'A Sticky Pickle';

"Oh dear," you think to yourself. "That stain will never come out."

JavaScript blocks normally do not output anything in Chapbook; however, if you would like them to output text, it provides a function write()–just plain write(), not document.write()–that will output HTML source code. Text output via write() will not be processed as Markdown.

Below is an example showing how write() works:

Before you lose your temper, you count to yourself:

for (let i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {
    write(i + '... ');

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